About us

Bheri Nursing College came to an existence in 2009 Government of Nepal. Ministry of Education and Sports. Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) is pleased to sanction a campus for conducting Certificate Level Nursing (Staff Nurse) three years program. The candidates are admitted to the three year proficiency certificate level nursing course in the month of July/August every year. The campus together with Nepalgunj Medical College (Nepalgunj City Hospital) Nepalgunj is providing good educational facilities with the help of highly qualified staff and a wide clinical field for practical experience.

Nursing profession represents humanity, morality, sympathy, love & benevolence. Actually no word is perfect to praise this profession. It is for not only to solve the problem of unemployment, but also to make life meaningful. One ideal nurse always takes her life as a service of patient. Devotion on service of patient is the highest degree of idealness. Now the world is seeking this ideal which exists in a nurse. There is a saying that “females are the origin of sympathy B love”. There is no doubt one being strong economically, ethically S morally after getting this profession. One injured person can expect the highest degree of sympathy only from a nurse.

Starting nursing profession is equivalent to embracing a peaceful loving successful & meaningful life. Right now there is a rapid extinction of peace and sympathy from the world. Our country is also entangled in this trap so badly that Mere is great necessity of nurses in our community. It is notable that there is no nurse facing problem of unemployment in the world. This Bheri Nursing College is fulfilling the needs and desires of many girls who keep strong willingness to be nurse thus supporting the government by producing manpower.


Bheri nursing college’s vision is to develop leaders in nursing and health care whose actions, discoveries, and voices strengthen and advance the health of individuals and communities worldwide.


Bheri college of nursing’s mission is to  lead the Development of the profession in line with the changing needs of the community, trends in health service delivery and the aspirations of nursing professionals themselves and advance health through excellence in nursing and interdisciplinary teaching, research, practice, and service.